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Aged Terriors


Group Exhibition


L1 and L0 Galleries, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Exhibition Period:  11 - 19 November, 2023

Over the past thirty years, the Contemporary Ceramic Society (H.K.) has grown alongside the development of ceramic art in Hong Kong. Like all Hong Kong people, we have witnessed the ups and downs that have unfolded here. Among them, the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic brought public activities to a standstill, restricting our everyday interactions with one another.

The Contemporary Ceramic Society (H.K.) has chosen to name this exhibition "Aged Terroirs", drawing inspiration from the transformative nature of clay, which becomes increasingly malleable and refined with the passage of time. Guided by the skilled hands and imaginative minds of ceramic artists, the essence of "Aged Terroirs" is unveiled through their works created during these past few years. They harness the hidden potential of clay, combining it with their thoughts to produce unique artworks.

The pandemic has taught us to coexist with adversity and adapt, reminding us of the unpredictability of life. It has prompted us to change our perspectives on what is inevitable and urged us to slow down, reflect inwardly, and cherish the present. This echoes the process of maturation and transformation that occurs as time passes, enriching our own experiences.

In celebration of the Society's 30th anniversary, we proudly present the first public exhibition of artworks by our members since the pandemic. Through this exhibition and a range of engaging activities, our goal is to promote ceramic art education, reaching out to a diverse audience in Hong Kong. Let us unite in embracing the creative odyssey of ceramic art and continuing its vibrant growth within our city.

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