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Touched by Romance


Group Exhibition


Touch Ceramics,  203, Block 3 Barrack Block , Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong


Exhibition Period: 1 February - 17 March, 2019

Lao She’s Two Horses, paragraph 5, states “You always say that I  focus too much on the facts, that I should learn to be romantic, is that  right?”

Is romance unrealistic?
What is romance? Romance means feeling touched and happy because of  someone or something you love, and being remembered for a period of  time, is that right?

Is art romantic?
In the coming February’s Chinese New Year and Western Valentine’s Day,  Touch Ceramics proudly presents the “Romantic Works” collection. In  addition to Sara Tse’s angels and Spode’s Blue Willow collection from  the 19th-century England, 20 Hong Kong contemporary ceramic artists will  also interpret love through their pieces by the theme “One Pair”.

Touch Ceramics wishes to invite everyone to reinterpret and pursue  “Romance” through different forms of ceramic art pieces and bring  Romance to an entire new level through new perspectives.



The indelible imprint of true love, 2019

From the sensuality of their first touch and the tenderness of their first kiss, true lovers indubitably affect each other, leaving an indelible imprint within each others' hearts, minds and souls, that reshapes both individuals as they join together as one pair in love.

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