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Group Exhibition


Pao Gallery, 5/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Wanchai, Hong Kong


Exhibition Period: 5 July - 22 July, 2020


Virtual exhibition:

20/20, the title of this year’s exhibition, is both optimistic and forward looking. We present this name following a tumultuous twelve months in Hong Kong in which we encountered social unrest and then a pandemic.  As individuals, these events affected us both emotionally

and physically, and as artists affected our work, either consciously or subconsciously.


Events will always evolve, and the human spirit will innovate and make change in response. These are precisely the key attributes of art, and they underline the role that art and artists play in the community. In a world beset with uncertainties, to make a difference to society, artists need to have a clarity of vision and a clear resolve in the pursuit of their calling. This clarity is our interpretation of the term 20/20 and is what we aspire to as artists.

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