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Essence: Japan and Hong Kong Ceramics Exhibition

Exhibition Invitation.jpg

Group Exhibition


SOGO Club, 16/F, SOGO Causeway Bay Store


Exhibition Period: 5 - 18 June 2019

Distance from Functionality

Upon mention of the words functionality I immediately envisage the vessel –  a cup, a bowl.  My aim is to take a wheel-thrown vessel and create distance from this eponymous form.  Inverting and shaking the form until the body of the bowl fails and tears.  Removing the base, hence removing any function as a vessel or container.  Yet while removing the function of a vessel, the new form carries a new function.  It invites the viewer to question the materiality of clay and reflect upon the organic randomness of the severed edge juxtaposed against the carefully refined base. 


I wonder if, by definition, an artwork indeed always has a function. 

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