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Solo Exhibition


Yrellag Gallery, 13A Prince's Terrace, Central, Hong Kong


Exhibition Period:  1 September - 29 September, 2023

The Oxford English Dictionary Online provides 12 different definitions for the word bound: verbs, adjectives, and nouns.  There is tied up, a limitation, obliged under necessity, territorial boundaries, destined, leaping, bonds that tie, enslavement, and others.  Being bound can entail restrictions, the removal of restrictions, anxiety, or comfort. 

In Bound, I investigate my feelings over the past several years living through the social and political changes that have occurred globally, and in Hong Kong specifically.  I have many mixed emotions and the single ambiguous word ‘bound’ encapsulates so many of them.

Red clay vessels, made on the potter’s wheel are transformed through squeezing and excising before being tied tight with twisted red fabric strips.  A dark, but not black, glossy interior simultaneously absorbs and reflects the ambient lighting, while the exteriors are mostly unglazed, showing the scratch marks and scuffing of their formation like a hardened weathered skin.  Their rims are partially folding inwards, perhaps shielding the contents, like a comforting embrace or maybe self-protection from external ills.

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